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Al Quran
They ask you about wine and gambling. Say, "In them is great sin and [yet, some] benefit for people. But their sin is greater than their benefit." And they ask you what they should spend. Say, "The excess  Read More

Anas bin Malik said:
"While I was taking care of a group of people, including my paternal uncles, and I was the youngest of them, a man came and said: 'Khamr has been forbidden.' Read More
Drug Abuse and Hierarchy of Needs
By Dr. Riffat Sadiq
According to Maslow, people have a set of motivation system in self which stimulates to achieve their needs.  Read More
The Eleven Principles of Behavioral Health Recovery Management
1. Focus on Recovery: The Behavioral Health Recovery Management (BHRM) model emphasizes recovery processes over disease processes by working towards full and partial Read More
Codependency Roles
By  Haider ali
Entire family system gets changed when a family member suffers from substance use disorder. Family functions are impaired and family members become codependent.  Read More
Let me Live
I did not want to stay at home. I used to hate my family and home because of frequent quarrel between my parents.  My parents used to beat me and my siblings. Read More
Q: I My brother gets relapsed. On your advice I got treatment for him. He was admitted in the hospital for more than one month. He was going well but for last few days, some changes occurred in his behavior. Read More
Golden Words
Dear Addiction
Zeb Edington
I'm writing this to you
Telling you we're through
Read More

From Sobriety to Success
In past, I was not a good student. I escaped from schools many times. My teachers and parents tried their best to make me realize the importance of education but I did pay my head to their advices.   Read More
Neither Could Live Nor Die
I belonged to a poor family. Therefore, my parents arranged my marriage at early age, 15, to an old man. He was a chain smoker. I had spent only seven years of my life with him. Read More

Riffat Sadiq PhD

Safia Rafiq M Phil
Associate Editor
Volume 38 March  2014
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